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Jackson Scoggins Great music. Can't wait to here more from y'all. Favorite track: Chasing the Rain.
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Wayne B . Titus IV This is a perfect example of why you should follow the individual artists who are a part of Snarky Puppy and GroundUp Records--you are guaranteed to strike gold. Favorite track: Animal.
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released March 2, 2013

Foe Destroyer is Daniel Garcia, Cade Sadler & Chris McQueen

Jason Cupp recorded, produced & mixed tracks 1, 4, 11 & 12 at Trash Boat Studios in Lewisville, TX
Nolan Thies recorded, produced & mixed tracks 8 & 9 at Bass Propulsion Laboratories in Dallas, TX
Everything else, including some overdubs on the aforementioned, was recorded at various homes (or occasionally while driving), mixed by McQueen, & produced by Foe Destroyer
Tracks 1 & 6 written by Garcia/McQueen, tracks 2, 5 & 12 by Sadler, all others by Garcia
Strings on tracks 1 & 11 written by McQueen, strings on tracks 3 & 10 written by Garcia/McQueen
Mastering by Russell Jack


Cooper Heffley played drums on tracks 8 & 9
Mike League played bass on tracks 8 & 9
James Anderson played violin on tracks 1, 3 & 10
Tony Rogers played cello on tracks 3, 10 & 11
Justin Stanton's keyboard playing was used without his consent or knowledge on tracks 1 & 2 (plus one hot lick on track 9)
Erin McQueen sang on the introduction to track 3
Kevin North played keyboard on the outro to track 4



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Foe Destroyer New York

Brooklyn/Austin Nerd Grunge Thrash Pop

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Track Name: Strut
You only owe me things that I owe myself
I feel it coming down to meet me where I rest
I want it more than you could ever imagine, and it's true
And I can be alone because you know that I need to

I rewind my mind just to pass time and I
Blink, and it passes me by
I wish I can, I wish I could, the other thing I wish I would
I guess you don't want to know who I really am
Just keep spinning that web I don't give a damn anymore

I want it more than you could ever imagine, and you know it's true
And I can be alone because you know that I need to
Track Name: Memo
Makes me frown, this girl is into metal
But she get down to Dick & Chuck Comeback Special
You want it, you got it
Tall glass of cold water

They've got ray guns going against us
Track Name: Chasing the Rain
So long,
Chasing the rain
I sit and wonder what's left, headlights pointing into space
I've got a picture of you
Traced in my brain
Screening my mind, screaming when you say

That you're gone, gone

And I'm all wrapped up in you, I can't even take a fucking breath
In a picture-perfect low I can't even let it, let it go
And I'm all wrapped up in you, and it's never ever gonna change
It'll never ever be the same, cause I never ever wanna change, it's a low.
Track Name: Hot New Shit
I only wanted you for change
I get back, relapse, memory, suitcases never let go
I want it all or wanted none
I get back, relapse, memory, suitcases never let go

Oh but looking back on it, I'm all torn apart
Cause I see myself in you, and I want it all
When'd you learn to love
How'd you ever get so tough

I got your picture in my brain
I get by, suitcases, memories, yeah I never let go
I want it all or wanted none
I get back, pushing my memories, yeah I never let go
Track Name: Animal
researchers gathered around, make sense of evidence that we found
paying close attention to the read out, take a step back and let it bleed out
it's all over our hands and we're trying to understand
everything that happens is a swirling drain, all that i perpetuate is super shame out my fingers

animal of the future, animal of the future

painted portraits of wives speaking their sentences on modern life
telling me that she already lost her face, burdened by the demons of the human race
it's all over our hands, and we're trying to understand
you can even hear it in a desperate laugh, punctuating every sentence out my mouth

you say stop but i can't help it, you wanted something just a little more selfish
you can even hear it in a desperate laugh, punctuating every sentence out your mouth
Track Name: In My Mind All the Time
Stop breaking my heart, start holding my hand
I'm already gone, you're taking your stand

Please stop breaking my heart
You whisper in my ear in my mind all the time
You're letting me go

Stop breaking my heart, stop looking away, stop changing your mind
(stop messing with my mind)
Stop running away, stop loosing your head, stop making me sad

Don't go dark
Track Name: Forever
I never called you out, I've got everything I need
You're never open, love, how I must have lived it all again
I started out with less, than I ever needed before
And then you wonder why I don't got forever anymore

Speaking from the heart, I've done it and did it all again
I'm falling out of grace, yeah I'm looking you in the face
Didn't I live the words you're saying to me, replaying in my mind
And then you call me a mistake, I knew that from the start

Tonight is the night we start over
Track Name: King
Get my name out of your mouth
You don't know what the fuck you're talking about
& You're a king preacher for the word, word?
Call me so absurd
You make everything so personal,
All you do is make everything..
& I couldn't tell you how to pray for what you did,
It's unforgivable by your rules,
No one says your fucking down, do they,
No one wants you around anymore,
You make everything so personal,
You make everything so...
Track Name: Growing Old
You call me crazy,
you don't like things that I like
After the maze she, led me in I can't begin to begin
My mushy information holder's getting older
I hope I maintain use of my fingers and my brain
Is that feeling growing old
This windy road of life slowly getting to know me,
I really don't mind, where i end up trying dying,
I gotta make do, starting to think just like you,
But I'm running into a wall,
feels like time is up against me and I fall,
Is that feeling growing old.
Track Name: Best Friend
Maybe I'm all on my own, pained love miss a picture
Dry it off with painted Tees, time stalls into the future
Got an instant to put it all on, I stand inside an ocean
or Maybe I'm falling into it all, stumbling get to know you
My best friend, is gone
Leaving the arms used to holding you at night
Embracing the honesty and simple joys in life
Washing the regret off your beautiful face
Holding my breath never felt so right
My best friend, is gone.
Track Name: Unconditional Love
Holy water, running down your chin
You smile at the mess I've gotten in
Always overlooking the big picture, I'm always overlooking that
How big is this world, how big is this world

I just wanted your unconditional love

& speak to me, like we're dreaming
It doesn't matter what we're wearing
Always overlooking the big picture I am
How big is this world, how big is this woe

I just wanted your unconditional love.
Track Name: Waterbed
Girl you know, I'm thinkin bout trading clothes with you on a waterbed
In my mind, in my brain I'm folding up paper planes and then throwing them out to you
Girly don't you want to get down to the sound cause i already wrote it out
Total annihilation is the best thing i could hope for
You help me erase everything that i wanted to